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The One Food Company

Pineapple, grapefruit and smoked chilli table sauce 250ml glass Lilt with heat!

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Designed to bring summer on a plate/napkin as you delve into this tropical sunshine.

Sweet pineapple with the tartness of grapefruit, cuddled with a medium heat of red chillies. 

We pride ourselves on balancing flavours, which also includes the balance of heat on your palette. Our combinations leave you satisfied with enough heat to remember and the flavours doing their job in satisfaction.

Try lashings over a jerk chicken, flatbread covered in beef, BBQ/oven baked vegetables. Delicious.

A unique tropical punch which turns up the heat with a chilli powered, smoky left hook.

Spice up your meals with a tropical taste... totally. imagine summer on a plate, no matter the time of year.